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Can You Be Arrested for a DUI While Riding a Horse in Washington State?

Well, it happened to a Kentucky man by the name of Danny Reynolds who was shocked when a local Sheriff arrested him for a DUI. However, Reynolds was not in a vehicle at the time of his arrest, he was on a horse.

Reynolds stated he had a couple of beers in honor of his Son’s birthday party, but he wasn’t drunk. The Sheriff thought otherwise since Reynolds began to stagger his way off the horse. To Reynolds defense, he said he suffers from diabetes and claimed that the diabetes made him light headed and that what caused him to stumble and stagger. However, the Sheriff thought otherwise since the citation report stated that Reynolds B.A.C. was two-times over the legal limit, and to top it off, they found rolling papers and a bag of marijuana and a mason jar of moonshine in his pockets and saddle bag!

Reynolds is being charged with possession of marijuana, and charged with non-motor vehicle under the influence. But, what would happen if he was in Washington State?

For starters, he would have been charged with a VUCSA crime for his drug possession. As far as a DUI on a non –motorized vehicle, the Washington State provisions have no statues against a person driving under the influence in a vehicle in a non –motorized vehicle. So, most likely the only charge would be possession of drugs.

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