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Post a Comment About Drunk Driving on Facebook and Go to Jail? DUI Charge Almost Certain in Washington State.

In September of this year, a Kentucky woman was ordered to spend 2 days in jail after not complying with the judge’s order to take down a comment she posted on Facebook. What was her comment? “My dumb _____ got a DUI and hit a car LOL.” (Laughing out Loud).

The woman by the name of Paula Asher was reportedly drinking and driving when she hit another vehicle and was arrested. While Facebook is great for telling people what you ate for lunch or sharing pictures of your pets and children, it’s not a place to air your dirty laundry, especially if that “dirty laundry” can be used against you in court.

If this would have happened in Washington State, most likely the prosecutors will use her comment on Facebook to prove she is guilty of a DUI beyond reasonable doubt. And, her failing to comply with the judge’s orders of simply deleting the comment wouldn’t work in her favor either.

If you are facing a serious DUI charge, it’s very imperative that you do not discuss your case with anyone except for your DUI lawyers in your corner. That means don’t post anything about your DUI charge or case on Facebook or any other Social Media site.

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