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Experienced Washington State DUI LawyersWe are a dedicated team of Washington State DUI attorneys with over 3 decades of combined experience in handling WA State DWI/DUI and drunk driving related cases.

DUI cases can be very complicated and require extensive knowledge of drunk driving laws in order to create the best defense possible. There are multiple issues at play with every case, and our Washington State DUI attorneys employ experts who will routinely examine every DWI/DUI case in order to supply additional information to build a solid defense.

Suppressing the state's case as much as possible is vital to a successful DUI/DWI defense. Without having the initial opportunity to look over the WA State Police Datamaster information, police reports and toxicology records, it is virtually impossible for a lawyer to properly evaluate a WA State DWI/DUI case

Our skillful Washington DUI attorneys will examine the fine details that exist between the moment and reasoning behind which you were stopped, to the moment you were released. There could be hundreds of possible issues leading to evidence suppression that is important to the prosecution's case.

Our team approach.

Our Washington lawyers employ a strong team approach with each and every DWI/DUI case they handle. In our firm, each case is examined by multiple lawyers from our law offices and 1 independent expert at minimum. The obvious advantage to this system exists in the ability to spot a greater amount of possible issues, along being able to more effectively represent our clients. For a free consultation with one of our Washington State DUI lawyers, please call our offices now.

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