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Portable Breath Tests

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Washington State DUI laws and the portable breath test.

Washington State DUI Law & Portable Breath Tests

A portable DUI breath test is a small hand held device that many Washington State DUI law enforcement officers carry. At some point during their roadside WA DUI investigation, they often request that you provide a breath sample into one of these portable DUI breath devices.

Under Washington State DUI laws, you are NOT required to submit to these portable breath tests. You should always refuse to do so and contact a WA DUI lawyer immediately. A WA State DUI attorney can apply their knowledge of Washington State DUI laws to find flaws in the prosecution.

Washington State DUI Law & Portable Breath Tests

These portable DUI breath devices are remarkably error prone. They are simply another way for law enforcement to gather incriminating evidence against you so they can validate your arrest for a WA DUI. Incredibly, many of our clients have reported that the officer requested that they take the test by somehow implying that they want to "check and see if they are OK to drive". This is hogwash.

By the time an officer requests a breath test sample into one of these portable devices, it is much more likely than not that he has already decided to arrest you. He is only hoping to corroborate his decision. Don't fight your DUI charge alone! Contact a WA DUI lawyer from our team as soon as possible.

Can a WA State DUI lawyer help me understand the difference between formal breath tests and a portable DUI breath test?

The important difference between these two types of breath tests is accuracy. The breath tests administered by these portable devices are far more likely to give false readings when compared with the breath tests given at the police station. If discovered that the breath tests were not given correctly, your breath test results will be dismissed.

With WA DUI attorney by your side, you can be confident that you will have years of experience behind you fighting for your rights. With time being so critical, contact our offices and speak with a WA DUI lawyer now!

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