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Field Sobriety Tests in Washington State

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Field Sobriety Tests in Washington

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DUI Field Sobriety Tests - just say NO!

You are NOT required under Washington State DUI laws to submit to Field Sobriety Tests, and our DUI lawyers recommend that you should never do so.

These roadside gymnastic sobriety tests are not designed to do anything except attempt to gather additional incriminating evidence against you.

Field Sobriety Tests in Washington

What is a Field Sobriety Test or FST?

These types of sobriety tests consist of performing certain agility exercises to determine if you are safe to be driving. If you get pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk, and the arresting officer decided you weren't performing these sobriety tests satisfactorily, he will most likely take you in to the police station for further tests (such as formal breath tests or blood tests). Clapping your hands, tapping your fingers, saying the alphabet, and counting backwards, are just some of the sobriety tests that you may be asked to perform during a FST.

If you have been through these sobriety tests and charged with a Washington State DUI, skilled WA DUI lawyers from our law team can come to your defense! You may rest confident knowing that our DUI lawyers will put their years of experience to preserve your legal rights and challenge the validity of your sobriety tests.

Can I challenge these sobriety tests with the help of DUI lawyers?

Our DUI attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to find weaknesses and shortcomings with these sobriety tests. If you or a loved one have undergone these sobriety tests or have been charged with a Washington State DUI, contact our law offices immediately to discover how our dedicated team of WA DUI lawyers can help preserve your freedom and driving privileges.

Can I refuse to take a field sobriety test?

As already mentioned, refusing to take sobriety tests is completely your right! In fact, refusing the sobriety tests will give the prosecution less evidence against you should you be arrested for a DUI and wind up in court. Remember to also be on your best behavior should you refuse the sobriety tests, as DUI arrests are often times retained on video. Our WA DUI attorneys are here to answer your questions - call for a free consultation with our DUI lawyers today!

Our WA DUI lawyers are well versed in Washington State drunk driving laws.

WA DUI attorneys from our firm have over 30 years of combined experience with DUI cases and will apply their knowledge of Washington State DUI laws to build a strong defense for you. Remember, while it may be an intimidating experience, refusing sobriety tests and remaining silent is your legal right and a smart move! You have nothing to lose by contacting our professional WA DUI lawyers - our DUI attorneys offer a free first consultation.

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Field Sobriety Tests in Washington
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