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Washington State’s DUI Ignition
Interlock License Law

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Even if your Washington State license gets suspended due to a WA DUI conviction or arrest, you may be able to still drive with the use of an IIL.

"IIL" - Ignition Interlock Driver License.

Washington's Ignition Interlock License

Recently, a new law has been enacted that permits individuals who have been accused and convicted of drunk driving in Washington State to keep their privilege to drive (in most cases). It is commonly called IIL, which stands for "Ignition Interlock Driver's License."

This special license will enable you to opperate vehicles that have been installed with the ignition interlock device. Essentially, this device will prevent the car from being turned on if detection of alcohol is registered from your breath. In addition, it may require "rolling retests" along the duration of your car drive.

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WA State's DUI Ignition Interlock License Law - some basic requirements:

In Washington State, your personal driving record must meet certain requirements before you are eligible for the IIL:

  • You've had a valid license to drive in Washington State.
  • You have an arrest or conviction of a Physical Control or Washington State DUI.
  • Within seven years from the time you're requesting the IIL, you have not had any convictions for vehicular assault or homicide.
  • Your current WA State revocation or suspension has nothing to do with an alcohol-related WA State reckless driving charge, minor in possession, vehicular homicide / assault, or a habitual traffic offender.

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Do all vehicles being driven need to have a Ignition Interlock Device?

It is necessary for the interlock device to be installed on every vehicle being driven by you while you have a Washington State IIL. This also includes your employer's vehicle you may drive at work. In addition, commercial vehicles are not permisable to drive at any time with an IIL.

WA State's DUI Ignition Interlock License Law and work vehicles.

Being charged with a DUI can greatly interfere with your work, especially if opperating a vehicle is part of your job duties. While it is true that those vehicles are required to have an interlock device installed, there is an exception. If the employer signs what is called an Employer Declaration for Ignition Interlock Waiver, this requirement can be waived. The copy of this signed waiver must be sent to us before any of the employer's vehicles are driven by you. And, an additional copy must be carried on your person whenever a work vehicle is being driven that does not have an interlock device installed.

WA State’s DUI Ignition Interlock License Law and getting an IIL.

If your drivers license has been revoked or suspended by the DOL due to Washington State drunk driving:

Beginning 1/1/09, you can apply anytime for your IIL. This even includes after an arrest for WA drunk driving or following the revocation hearing. When you obtain your IIL:

  • You waive your right of having a hearing for your license revocation or suspension.
  • It is necessary to have the interlock device functioning on any and all vehicles driven by you for the entire suspension period.

If you were convicted of an alcohol related WA State DUI in court:

Beginning 1/1/09, you must be ordered by the court to apply for your IIL. If you are not eligible to receive the interlock device, if you aren't the owner of a vehicle, or if the devices happen to not be available where you live, the court can waive the requirement and instead order that you participate in alcohol monitoring. This monitoring will have the same time duration as the requirement for the interlock device on your vehicle.

If Washington State court…
Granted you a deferred prosecution
for an alcohol-related incident  
Convicted you of a DUI or a
Physical Control
It's neccessary for you to maintain the ignition interlock device for... 
Two years
One year for your first offense
Five years for your second offense
Ten years for any subsequent offenses 

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Recovering from a Washington State drunk driving charge and how to apply for your IIL.

1. Get an ignition interlock device installed in each vehicle driven by you. Proof of installation will be sent to us by the installer.

2. Obtain proof of your financial responsibility. This can be a SR-22 (Certificate of Insurance). You can seek the assistance of an insurance agent for this.

3. Fully complete an application for an Ignition Interlock Driver License.

4. After you have completed the application, include the application fee payment and submit it wither in person at a driver licensing office, or mail to:

Driver Records Department of Licensing
PO Box 9048
Olympia, WA 98507-9048

Our Washington State drunk driving attorneys shall inform you in writing whether or not your application was denied or approved.

Washington State costs and fees.

All the costs that accompany the installation, maintenance and removal of the interlock device are your full responsibility. These include:

  • Cost of installation, leasing and the removal of the device.
  • The cost that comes with maintaining the necessary proof of your financial responsibility.
  • The non-refundable ILL application fee.
  • A monthly Ignition Interlock Device Revolving Account fee associated with assisting drivers of low income in affording the cost of the device.

Assistance for drivers with low income.

In Washington State, you may be able to receive assistance if the ignition interlock device installation, leasing and removal is too costly for your income level. In order to apply for financial assistance, you would need to complete and send in an Ignition Interlock Device Financial Worksheet. This can be applied for once annually.

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Frequently asked questions.

Q: I have been charged with a Washington State DUI. Is it neccessary to let my employer know that it is required for me to use the ignition interlock device?

A: It is only necessary to inform him or her if driving vehicles owned your employer is part of your job. Before you can legally drive, a declaration that driving the vehicle during work hours must be signed by your employer.

Q: If I received a conviction of a WA State DUI, is it possible for me to just get a Occupational/Restricted License rather than an IIL?

A: No, you may only legally drive if you've installed an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. The ORL is not available to those who have received a conviction for a WA State DUI.

Q: What do I need to do if I happen to own several vehicles in WA?

A: An interlock device is required in all cars that you will drive. If you own multiple vehicles, it is optional for you to simply install the device in only the one car that you will be driving for the duration of your license suspension.

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